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Technical Description Of The Construction Of The ROLAL® Swimming Pool Enclosures

Two qualities of manufacture exist on the market: the standard quality and the superior quality.

We manufacture the superior quality that consists of aluminium profiles in high-quality alloy with a basis of manganese and silicium (ref. 606035 T6 F22S) of an increased resistance and of a weight of ± 2,3 kg/m for the carrier profile. As glazing, we fit the 6 mm glass toughened safety glass as standard to all except that cut on site for the angled top ends that being 6mm float glass (recyclable). The roof sections are glazed in 16 mm polycarbonate triple partition, interior face treated against condensation (NON-DROP) and UV protection.

The interior structure has stainless steel corner section joints. On this quality, you have an OPTIUM guarantee during 10 years on parts, labour and travel expenses, and 15 years on the structure against snow pressure following the results of your personalised calculation.

Our profiles are thermo-lacquered with a projection of dry polyester powder and baked in an oven to + / - 200° C during + / - 45 minutes (all colours of the RAL palette are possible). Before the thermolaquage, the profiles have been cremated (degreased), to prevent all risk of electrolysis between the aluminium profile and the screws or the interior structure made of stainless steel. A protective silicone coating is also applied between the two materials, at the time of the assembly.

All our glazing (Glass and polycarbonate) is kept in place by beading, which allows a disassembly or comfortable replacement by any glazier in case of need. With this system, it is not necessary to disassemble the structure to replace a glazing. The Neoprene gaskets are no longer used, because the melting point of Neoprene is too low for a swimming pool enclosure where elevated temperatures are reached due to the heat from the sun.

The Neoprene could melt then and could deteriorate the glazing. We use the Santopreen that is an improved variant, of which the point of fusion is located around 125 ° C, what avoids all risk of damage to the glazing. Also thanks to the use of gaskets, no dirt can be trapped. Maintenance is strongly improved, without speaking of the bacteriological problems in a system without gaskets. The gaskets also avoid that the glazing cannot move or vibrate because of wind in the frame made of aluminium, avoiding all trembling noises thus.

Our enclosures roll on superior quality "Novatron" wheels, mounted on a stainless steel axis. The Novatron being a self-lubricating material, no maintenance is necessary, oil nor grease.

In the event your pavement would be unequal, or if you want a manipulation more than easy, we can put the enclosure on "rails". Our "rail" consists of an anodised aluminium lath with a total height of 13 mm, with conical sides to avoid all injuries; the end of the" rail" is decorated with a mouthpiece made of rubber to finish. This lath serves to protect your pavement against the marking by the wheels and the wear of your joints mainly, that otherwise break, since the wheels are harder than the joints.

A supplementary reason to use a rail is that with our wheels of a diameter of 60 mm, and one pavement being 5 mm higher than the next one, we have the equivalent to a sidewalk for a car tire, a car tire that will absorb the shock since it is inflated, whereas our wheels are full.

We chose to use the anodised aluminium for this lath, because the anodised aluminium does not heat up in the sun, avoiding one to burn his feet. In case of use of a "rail" we fit between the bottom profile and the "rail" a flexible PVC gasket. This gasket avoids all entry of dirt (leaves, etc.) via the bottom. We would ALWAYS recommend the rail or track although when not used we change the flexible skirt to a polypropylene brush.

The gap between the different sliding sections is closed by means of a polypropylene brush, (held in a stainless steel support) to avoid all entry of dirt as dead leaves, etc…

Every enclosure is automatically equipped with a sliding door with child lock on each front. We have the possibility to put in several doors on a front to have an opening as big as possible.
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