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This model is top of the tops. It combines the Diabolo model with the Rhodos model and it has a supplementary advantage: it can be opened according to the direction of the wind!

On the picture below you can side that the wind side stays closed as where the other one is opened. Titan enclosure

This picture shows the water surface with a 40 km/h wind and not a wrinkle can be seen on the water. Titan enclosure

We can even work on different levels as shown below. Titan enclosure

Indeed, some days, wind is so strong, that an Atlas or Diabolo enclosure won't be opened because while opening it, one is obliged to open the left and the right side simultaneously, allowing wind access to the swimming pool.

With this model, when wind comes from the right-hand side, one keeps this side closed and one opens the left side or vice-versa. On a clear, sunny day, one can open both sides, naturally.

This model of enclosure will also be used every day, even by big wind. It can also be opened by only one person.

The length of the telescopic swimming pool enclosure for the Titan range is limited to 52 m (for reasons of transportation of the beam).

The enclosure has been conceived in such a way, that motorization can always be added afterwards.
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