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The questions that you always asked yourself about our swimming pool enclosures

I don't know how to decide for a swimming pool: interior or outside?

All things have their advantages and disadvantages. The interior swimming pool permits to swim in all comfort in winter. The maintenance cost of an interior swimming pool is on the other hand can be exorbitant. It is necessary to continue also to heat the swimming pool in summer. With an outside swimming pool, one cannot swim in winter, on the other hand in summer: what a delight (as far as the weather is fine). The disadvantage of an outside swimming pool is the cleaning.

With a ROLAL® enclosure, you combine the two solutions. Not only you can swim all year round in all comfort, but the costs of use are strongly reduced (cleaning also) and in summer your water of the swimming pool heats for free thanks to the solar radiance. On a clear day you then open your enclosure and thus can swim into the open air.

What pavement do I need?

Level preferably. The auto-block pavements (clinkers) are to avoid, except if they are laid in the concrete.

What does one fit as glazing in the enclosure around??

Preferably 6 mm glass, because the glass is inert (doesn't warp) and remains aesthetic with the passing of the years. A glass glazed enclosure still looks new after several years, whereas a Plexiglas glazed enclosure appears decrepit after some months. The Plexiglas also scratches itself as soon as one touches it. An airline will serve drinks in plastic goblets in economy class whereas in" business or first" they serve you drinks in glasses!

What does one fit as glazing in the roof sections?

The 16 mm triple thickness "no drop” polycarbonate. The "no drop" process consists in a silicone film applied during extrusion on the lower surface avoiding the formation of water drops in case of condensation.

What is the difference between an enclosure with and without beam?

An enclosure with beam not only gives a greater rigidity and resistance to snow and wind loads, it also permits to open the enclosure all alone. One doesn't need a motorization that can be jammed after 6 or 7 months of inactivity. An enclosure with beam can be also opened according to the direction of wind. If wind comes from the right, you open the left side or vice versa.

Is the enclosure mounted on wheels?

Naturally, otherwise it would not be telescopic.

Is there a rail on the floor?

Preferably yes, if you want to be able to open and to close the enclosure every day. The use of the rail also increases the mechanical resistance of the enclosure to the wind and snow loads.

A rail, does that mean that I have to oil or grease it?

Certainly not. Our auto-lubricant wheels don't require any maintenance and especially not oil nor grease. Because of the absence of these two substances, no dirt can remain glued in or on the rail.

Can I buy an enclosure in black?

You can buy an enclosure in any colour according to the RAL palette without extra charge. We ask on the other hand for a supplement for the red with yellow peas or the Lila striped pink.

How many doors are there in an enclosure?

Standard, an enclosure is equipped with 2 sliding doors, one in the front gable, one in the rear gable. It is however possible to fit several doors, according to the width of the enclosure, in return for extra charge.

Can I have lateral access?

It is also possible on demand, and in return for extra charge.

Can the doors be locked?

Every door is equipped with a child lock, permitting to forbid the access to children. The sliding sections are also blocked from the inside by a simple sliding latch.

Can the children open the enclosure?

Yes, as far as they have the key. Thanks to our system of auto-lubricant wheels, the sliding of the different sections is an easy thing, especially if there are rails on the floor.

I live close to a farm, what about the flies or insects?

We place sliding fly screens, without extra charge, with every door which permits to ventilate the enclosure without having the intrusion of thousands of flies.

Am I going to be able to stand up in my enclosure?

As all our enclosures are constructed to order, we can guarantee you a height of... cm according to your desire or need.

Must I bold down my enclosure after every use?

Never, except the Atlas model where all sections fold back to one side.

Do I have to clear the snow off the enclosure in case of snowfall?

Depends on amount in most instances No, this thanks to the use of the rails but also because of the rigidity of the construction (aluminium / stainless steel).

What about the electrolysis between different metals?

We isolate the two metals by means of a silicone coat during assembly. To have the electrolysis, a catalyst is necessary. We don't supply this.

Is there a guarantee?

No, there are two of them. The first is an all round guarantee of 10 years on parts, labour and travel expenses. You are therefore sure that your ROLAL® enclosure won't cost you a penny for the first 10 years.
The second guarantee is of 15 years (from the date of installation) on the metallic structure against snow pressure up to your personalised calculation.

How am I going to maintian my enclosure?

By means of a high-pressure jet cleaner.

I need to buy a new robot to sweep the swimming pool. Do I have to buy it?

Do so if you please, but to our opinion it doesn't justify itself anymore. You will use the manual vacuum cleaner between 3 and 4 times a year.

What is the temperature in an enclosure like?

One can compare the temperature in the enclosure to the temperature in your car being parked at the same place. Even the brightness heats the inside of the enclosure (and therefore also the water).

What is the temperature of the water like with an enclosure?

In the beginning of the season you will see the temperature of the water increasing by + / - 2° C per day.
A water temperature of 28° C is quite normal with an enclosure, even when the weather is not pleasant.

Can I swim in winter time?

Certainly, but it is nevertheless more pleasant heating the water a little

What is the energy consumption to heat the swimming pool in winter?

To maintain the swimming pool at 28° C all winter long, we consume according to the roughness of the winter between 2.000 and 3.000 litres of fuel per winter.

Is it necessary to heat the air?

Not necessarily. The water of the swimming pool does this by radiation (principle of the radiator).

Is there condensation?

If one doesn't cover the water and that the temperature of the water is higher than the air temperature, there will be condensation.

Do I need a floating cover?

It permits to avoid a maximum of water evaporation therefore of condensation. The evaporation of water in winter can be such that you believe to have a leak in the swimming pool. It is therefore better to keep the floating cover. It will also allow you to space cleanings of the enclosure inside.

Where can I see an enclosure?

We can arrange for a site visit to view an enclosure that has been constructed for several years to show how the building ages and to offer proof that our product has longevity unlike most others.

Can the enclosure be attached to my house?

Yes, as far as the swimming pool is not located 50 m off the house. One can connect on one gable (economy of one gable) or laterally.

Can the enclosure be independent of the house?

Certainly. The first enclosures have been conceived in this sense.

Can I slide back the enclosure to only one side and how long does it take?

With an enclosure folding back to only one side, it is necessary to detach the front gable first, before you can slide the sections towards the back. It takes + / - 10 minutes either way. We also can (for the small enclosures) fit a tilting front. This one has the disadvantage, that if you want to open a part of the enclosure only, the gable will hang right in the middle of the beach and will forbid the access to the rear part and as well hang continuously over the water.

Do I need as much time with an enclosure with central opening or with beam?

No, in this case, it is sufficient to slide the sections toward their respective side merely. Time: less than two minutes, as well for the opening as for closing.

Can I open and close again my enclosure every day?

Most customers do not open their enclosures, all believed they would or when they do only open one or two sections. Certainly with a Diabolo enclosure opening from the centre or with a Rhodos or Titan beam enclosure.

Are gutters fitted on the enclosure?

No, it is impossible since the sections slide one under another. If the terrace is not tiled yet, or that it must be modified, it is worth to foresee a slope toward the outside, up to 2 cm per meter and if possible allow for channel drains to both sides or to all sides to assist with taking water away from the site.

What about after-sales service?

We are proud to say that we don't have an after-sales service. If nevertheless something has to happen, either the boss or the installation team will be at your home within 14 days unless there is an emergency.

How is an enclosure constructed?

Manually. Every enclosure takes about 2 days of manufacturing and up to 5 days or longer dependent on size to install on site.
The same team does all this work from A to Z, which guarantees that a staff's member won't be able to reject the responsibility on another member, in case of error.

Are there standard measures?

Since the invention of the computers, there are no standard measures anymore. Before, making up the drawings, took a whole day, this is now done in a flat 10 minutes.

Is the polycarbonate resistant to hailstones?

We keep a hammer and a sample of polycarbonate at your disposition for more thorough tests.

How about the tightness between the different sliding sections?

We have a 15mm gap and use a 20mm brush in polypropylene trapped in a stainless steel holder.

Can leaves and bugs enter underneath?

Possibly although not necessarily, thanks to our rail on the floor and skirt. Below the bottom profile, we fit a flexible PVC gasket that pushes on the rail and makes the tightness thus on the whole length.

Do you have dealers or representatives?

No, this guarantees you to have the best Manufacturer/Customer price, without intermediaries. You will only have one person to talk to - the boss.

What is the delivery time?

It depends on the season and the demand. In low season delivery takes about 3 weeks, in high season, it can go up to 4 months.

Is there an auspicious period to order an enclosure?

It is a fact that as the winter is the low season for us, we will have more time to dedicate to you. It will also allow you us to be ready on time for the next season.

Is the delivery date respected?

Except cataclysm or natural disaster we deliver always at the date indicated on the order form.

Do you also have "limited series"?

No, it is a trap that some competitors use. If an automobile manufacturer makes a limited series of 2.500 vehicles on a production of 100.000 vehicles/year, this is normal. We manufacture + / - 100 enclosures per year, and cannot offer limited series therefore. Our volume of manufacture is limited.

Is the price fixed until delivery?

All orders will be honoured at the ordered price as far as the delivery intervenes within 365 days of the signature of the order. It allows you to order your enclosure at the cost of this year and have it installed next year. Except any changes in vat.

Will I regret my purchase?

Yes, not to have ordered your enclosure earlier.

Can you come to my palce and put up an enclosure in my garden to see how it presents itself?

Alas, we don't have the time for this, especially as the colour won't be the one that you would have chosen and that the dimension certainly won't fit.

Do you come over to make up a price?

Certainly, and this without any commitment of your part.

Do you have an ISO 9002 certificate?

Certainly not, we don't need certificates to respect our deliveries and engagements. An ISO 9002 certificate only verifies the fact that the administrative part is well done. Selling you poor quality won't change anything. That your customers have the worst technical problems afterwards, doesn't influence on the certificate. We therefore prefer to sell quality without ulterior problems.

Now that I finally have a price, don't you think this is too expensive?

People spent as much or even more money to buy a car, which will only last 5 or 6 years. Our enclosure is a lifetime purchase.
As my grandmother also said: "I'm not rich enough to buy second hand or cheap equipment".

Are you also no 1 in the world?

Anybody can claim to be n° 1 of his country or the world. Nobody can check this. How can a company possibly know that it would be no 1? Just bear in mind that people using this argument, have often nothing more to offer.

Can I choose the profile I prefer?

We don't propose 2 or 3 different profiles or different models at different prices. This will only make you choose the cheapest. On the opposite, the day your enclosure will collapse, you won't be able to claim on the supplier as YOU will have chosen the profile or model and not the supplier.
Studies on resistance have been done (or should have) and this leaves you no choice but the best. It is the manufacturers' responsibility to offer you what is needed.
Manufacturers using this strategy only look to sell, AT ANY PRICE, with no regard for the customer. This deplorable mentality shouldn't exist.


These buildings are not temporary structures no matter what you may be advised and in some instances planning permission is required. We will undertake this on your behalf and advise. In no circumstances will we fit an enclosure where there is a requirement unless the customer insists and then at their own risk. Also please note that if you have a swimming pool that needed planning you will need planning for an enclosure.

Building Regulations?

This is a grey area, some local authorities view the enclosures when open and if section footprint if less than 30 square metres considered not applicable, others take the meter age if greater than 30 square metres then building regulations are required. We leave this decision to the customer, we know we are compliant; however, we cannot read what a Building Control Inspector may request and that could involve extra cost not calculated also there will be an extra charge for submission for Building Regulations again not known at this time. This has never been a problem in the last 10 years in the UK although that situation may change.

Can I ask other questions?

We like customers asking questions. Therefore, if you find some, it will be a pleasure for us to supply you with an answer.

One last point before we part

Some of our competitors come up with a high price to make believe they are selling quality. They afterwards give a discount because it just happens they have a special promotion, which incidentally ends tonight. They then, try to force you to sign the order so that you could take advantage of this promotion.
Other competitors brag they are selling over 200 enclosures a year, but how extraordinary it sounds; they have no reference in your vicinity. Therefore, if you grant them with a visiting authorisation, you also get a special price. Or when you ask to view an enclosure it is either on a show site or at an installation newly completed.
Always, ask to see some installations that are several years old as this will give a true representation of how the product performs as there is always a long guarantee (not something installed last week).

Everyone that has an outside swimming pool in the UK will sooner or later you’ll need an enclosure!

Why later?
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