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This telescopic swimming pool enclosure model has a stationary section at each end of the swimming pool and opens up from the centre.

This model of enclosure is more especially intended to our regions, because the opening or closing doesn’t even take two minutes. This enclosure can therefore be opened and closed every day. On this model of enclosure, there are no anti-storms fixings, which are not necessary. Indeed, the sliding sections are permanently held below the stationary sections of every extremity.

One can modulate the opening with this model following the necessities of the moment.

A supplementary advantage to this model is that you recover the same height and the same width in the front that to the rear, therefore a gain of place on the floor and one can take the liberty to take a telescopic swimming pool enclosure of a lower size, therefore more discreet and less expensive.

This model suites all situations, because the stationary section of every side serves as a wind screen (west wind in summer time and east wind in winter time). 

We can fit a double, triple or quadruple sliding door in the front face (depending on the width of the enclosure), so, if you sit on the outside terrace, you keep nevertheless maintain full access with the swimming pool space.
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