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Why prefer a high profile enclosure, rather than a low profile enclosure?

While choosing for a low enclosure, you first of all opt for the price, certainly not a negligible thing.

There are several inconveniences on the other hand, such as:

The height of a low enclosure is so minimal, that one cannot put a chair, stool or hanger in the enclosure.

To swim when the weather is bad, or it is cold or windy, having no possibility to deposit your bath coat or towel in the enclosure, you are obliged to go naked or in swim suit until the enclosure.

There, you must crawl four-legged to enter in your enclosure.

To swim in a low enclosure is not an inconvenience, the above head height is extensively sufficient.

On the other hand, while coming out the low enclosure (four-legged), you meet with the free air, without protection, with a wet skin. Say hello to colds, bronchitis or other. Unless you have a butler who waits for you to pass you your bath coat. Say then goodbye to savings!

On a low enclosure you will notice surface dirt more readily than the high one and turn you into a slave of your enclosure, obliging you to clean it more than often than a high enclosure.

How to clean a low enclosure?

Indeed, an enclosure must not only be cleaned on the outside (with a high pressure jet), but also on the inside.

We would recommend using an algaecide to eliminate algae growth that will occur due to the humidity within the enclosure.

How are going to clean the glazing inside: lying on your back?

The annual cleaning is done by means of a high pressure jet. In a high enclosure, one stands up and one doesn't have any difficulty to manoeuvre with the cleaner and the spear.

In a low enclosure, you do this lying on your back. As much to say that you will never do it and that you will have at the end of a few months a fetid enclosure.


Yes …, but…, in our garden a high enclosure would not be aesthetic! Don't put this idea in your head, but arrange to view our high enclosure. With permanent ventilation, there is no more question of moisture or condensation.

It is for these reasons that we propose you to really consider this matter before taking a decision that will cost you money (and that you will never recover).

And we didn't speak yet of the security and the surveillance of the children while they swim!
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