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This model of telescopic swimming pool enclosure folds back all towards one side and is mainly sold in warmer climates with constant sun such as the south of France, Spain or Italy, where one opens his enclosure only once a year. It can also be used in other areas, if the enclosure is attached to the house with all sections folding back towards the rear.
An enclosure standing in the middle of the garden is constructed with a removable front glazed with 6mm solid clear polycarbonate UV protected as this will not discolour or become brittle and has a 15 year warranty, which presents the advantage to be able to modulate the opening of the telescopic swimming pool enclosure. One is not obliged to open the enclosure completely. With sliding doors with fly –screens or when you only want to open the enclosure partially, any section when open will allow access to the interior.

This model can be susceptible to high winds if left partially open and cannot be used for enclosures oriented westwards, as the enclosure could fly away with a violent wind, and all fixings would be pulled out of the floor.

On all models of Atlas enclosures, an anti-storm fixing is required on each side of every sliding section. To open an enclosure of this model, it is necessary to unfasten the fixings before one can slide the sections.

The opening or closing takes more or less 15 minutes for every manoeuvre.
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