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Case Study I

This was a typical turn of the century mi-terrace house located in Chelsea, a borough of London, England. The project involved extending the kitchen into the yard to provide additional living space.
Here's the kitchen before we started. Old Kitchen
metal lintel Before we could knock out the wall, we had to put in a metal lintel to support the roof.
Now the roof is on and we can start work inside. roof is on
metal lintel Two men inside looking up.
Laying the new floor screed. new floor screed
looking in On the outside looking in.
Now the window is in, we've reached the beginning of the end. beginning of the end
inside new extension Inside the new extension looking through the new window.
Inside the new extension looking towards the back of the kitchen.. looking back to the kitchen
just a bit more work Just a bit more work to do on the roof then we can fit the kitchen equipment.
How does it look from the outside? Outside
no mess And absolutely no mess. We clear away all the rubbish.
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